Dream of Reality... (von Patrik Kormos)

Patrik Kormos
8. Jan. 2019

I dont know where to start my story, maybe one posy : The dream comes true if you really want it and do everything to reach your goal.The topic I am writing some sentences about is”The Fish”The Fish”, which is a real monster, a CommonCarp.

„The Fish” wich is one of the biggest Carps  in Hungary. „The Fish” which is  the most desirable one for all the anglers. My story started about 6 years ago when I met the big gravel pit for the first time. It was amazing and my heart was stolen. There is a 160 hectare pit lake with crystal clear water.

In the water there are several natural nutrients for the fish so it is the reason for their growing.

(The mystic Lake...)

(The Lake is full of mussel)

The lake’s rules are so strict that in the lake there are only private pegs and you can use only baitboat. The maximum distance where you can reach with the line is 120ms, so in the lake there are a lot of hectares where fishing is not allowed.

Not an easy way. I’ve been chasing/hunting a monster common for 4years. I took a picture of the „big common” three times. It was fucking huge, and I knew, once I would catch it, because I wanted! For a long time that was the Hungarian record Common.

I did not regret my energy, my free time and my money for that purpose. In the last two years I started the feeding  in early spring  session. I just feed only boilies, no tigernuts, no maize, no pelletts. I always use my own baits that I make  from Naturebaits GLM Base Mix with GLM Liquid and Plum Flavour.

(I realy like the natural food from Naturebaits, as so the Red Faktor plus Boilies...)

(Preparing the boat)

In recent years I have cought a lot of big carps, two 30+ ones, two 28+ ones  and unnumbered 20+ ones.

(28kg Mirror Carp)

(28 Kilo common Carp)

In an October rainy morning my alarm went off and I started the battle with my unknown opponent. It was not only my most heroic battle in my life, but also the most memorable one. In the end of the battle the huge big mamma slided in my net. When I saw into the mesh, I knew it was the big Common called KuKó. I screamed out of my joy and my tear-drops were falling down my face.

I needed some help to lift out the huge body from the water. I treated it as carefully as a little baby. When I did the wheighing I hoped it was over 40 kilos. „The Monster”s  accurate weight was: 41,20kg!

(41.20 kg Kukó)

(What a huge carp)

Luckily my friends were fishing near to me, so I called them to take some professional pictures and a  video. Then we carfully released” The Monster” back into the lovely  pit.

(back to the water)

This is the story about my Carp, the Carp of my life.


Patrik Kormos

Ist ungarischer Naturebaits Team- und Zielfischangler.

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